Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Question Begging

Consider TWA flight 800 (July 1996), SwissAir Flight 111 (September 1998), EgyptAir flight 990 (October 1999), and Air France Flight 447 (June 2009)?

Covertly or overtly, submarines have been utilized in recovery operations for the foregoing lost airliners as well as the space shuttle Challenger (January 1986).

Why since 1996, have transatlantic airliners been lost off the East coast of the Americas, rather than off the coasts of their home/destination continents?

Perhaps this will relieve your discomfort:

Remember Able Danger and, the toothless 911 Commission? Coverup exercises by the U.S. Congress?

You really do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to appreciate the feckless investigations, sloppy oversight and poor results communicated to the public, but to overlook Congress's incompetence or secretiveness, you must.

The coriolis effect does not account for the recurring locations of major aircraft losses, nor do claims by Al-Qaida and continuing denials by France, Brazil and the U.S. of terrorism.

As we had asked here, would the public be informed that the the ULB was ever found, or never found?

Finally, we ask again: What is the U.S. code name for China's towed array cutters (Zippos)? - Classified. What if CHINA had proved to the U.S. that they could render our technological superiority very vulnerable in a way the U.S. would be unwilling to admit. Think of the manner in which China demonstrated in 2007, that our satellite surveillance and communication technology could be defeated easily. Perhaps now, our towed arrays be severed at will by properly equipped PLAN subs.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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