Friday, October 30, 2009

Biggest Baseball Bat in the Navy

UPDATE: Nov 1, 2009 -

Friday Oct 30, 2009- MCLEAN, Va. — Top nuke officer details training backlog

In an anecdote about baseball great Ted Williams refreshing his skills during slumps by reviewing fundamentals and using a light bat, Adm. Kirkland Donald, head of the Navy’s nuclear propulsion program, joked that in the naval reactor realm,

“we always found heavier bats worked better.” - NavyTimes
Thursday Oct 29, 2009- McLEAN, Va. - U.S. Navy Facing Submarine Challenges -Adm. Kirk Donald, director of U.S. Naval Reactors, cast a self-critical eye on the submarine force he leads during a presentation at a submarine symposium here Oct. 28, addressing challenges the force is facing.
The submarine force’s acquisition strategy also is getting a closer look. “Our plans will experience intense scrutiny,” Adm. Donald said.
“We have an obligation to deliver capability at the best price, without compromising safety.” - Aviation Week

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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