Monday, November 16, 2009

SUBS are Always Silent and Strange - This is no exception

13 Nov 2009 - Telegraph UK - China admits secretly salvaging British submarine HMS Poseidon

China has admitted secretly salvaging a British submarine sunk in an accident in 1931, but claimed there was no sign of the remains or personal effects of the 18 men who were entombed in HMS Poseidon when it went down off the former naval base of Weihai.

HMS Poseidon (P99) was a Parthian class submarine built by Vickers for the United Kingdom''s Royal Navy. Launched in 1929, most of Poseidon's brief service was performed in the region of the Yellow Sea. Around 12:45 pm on 9 June 1931, 20 miles north of the vessel's Weihai base, Poseidon collided with the Chinese merchant steamer SS Yuta despite excellent visibility. [1]

Although eight crew managed to escape from the forward end, two failed to reach the surface and one later died.

Reports of those on board do not seem to tally (photo). As a result of successful escape by 5 of Poseidon's crew (one later died) British Admiralty revised its policy in 1934, from having crews wait for assistance to escaping from the submarine as soon as possible.[2]

25 Jun 2009 - Telegraph UK - Family of lost submarine crew demands answers

The granddaughter of a Royal Navy submariner killed when HMS Poseidon sank in 1931 is calling on the British and Chinese governments to reveal all that they know about claims of a secret salvage operation.

After all, they point out, the CSS Hunley, one of the first submarines ever built and sunk in 1864 during the American Civil War, contained eight skeletons that had been almost perfectly preserved when it was recovered from Charleston harbour in April 2004.

And, retreival of the Hunley submarine sailors' remains would not be the first or last time another country salvaged another state's sub. Recall the tale of the ill-fated Soviet K-129.

The United States announced that in the section they recovered were the bodies of six men. Due to radioactive contamination, the bodies were buried at sea in a steel chamber on September 4, 1974 with full military honors about 90 nautical miles (167 km) southwest of Hawaii.[4]

Submarines are always silent and strange. Super technology ( see bioluminescent foxfire, since back in 1775 ) is only one reason for silence.



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