Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nuclear Sub disaster averted by armed sailors

VLADIVOSTOK, November 15 (RIA Novosti) - Final trials of Russia's Nerpa sub to start next week
Successful sea trials of Russia's Nerpa nuclear attack submarine, damaged in a fatal accident during tests in November last year, may soon be announced. After several reversals, India may finally lease the 12,000-ton `K-152 Nerpa' Akula-II class submarine from Russia on 10-year lease. The K-152 Nerpa, to be renamed INS Chakra, is currently in final trials off Vladivostok with a small complement of naval officials this time. The submarine could be ready for recommissioning by early next year.
Cross your fingers and Stand By!


MOSCOW, 23 September 1995 (Associated Press) Russian sub saved from brink of meltdown
Heavily armed sailors forced the electric company to restore power to a nuclear submarine base.
The outside power cutoff threatened to overheat a nuclear sub whose on-board reactor cooling system had failed. Sailors in bullet-proof vests entered two substations on Thursday to force the duty engineers at gunpoint to switch on the electricity. The fleet then took over all the substations serving its nuclear installations on the Kola Peninsula.
The navy hotly denied any danger of a nuclear accident. But a fleet spokesman, Vladimir Kondriyanenko, said yesterday that "switching off the power for even a few minutes can cause an emergency".
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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