Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Curiosities - ANSWERS for Dec 11, 2009

1) - The sky image above left was reported as a mystery sighting in Norway the day American President Obama made his Nobel Price acceptance speech. The mystery was soon solved when the Russian defense ministry admitted a Bulava missile had been launched from a submerged submarine in the White Sea. Was the Russian missile test a success, or a failure? Since then, there has been another sighting, again admitted by Russia.
ANSWER: The test was reported by Russia as a failure.

2) - The similar image at right displays a cap symbol familiar to U.S. to air travelers. What purpose does the symbol serve, if any?
ANSWER: The emblem on the hub spinner is a visual indicator of both a turbine fan in motion (even if wind causes it), and rotational direction (CCW in this engine). It also provides a visual record of speed in the high-speed photography used in 'bird strike' tests.

3) - If the symbol in question 2) has a name, what is it called?
ANSWER: [Western ideography] Called a clockwise spiral (applies from center out only) this is also the symbol used as the laundry sign for spin drying. [Eastern ideography] Yin or Yang.
If you think you have a better answer, feel free to provide.



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