Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Most Military Submariners Cannot Do This. - Bad News Predicted: ISS Cupola

Space station astronauts have been limited to peering out small portholes or one 20-inch window in the US Destiny Laboratory. Soon, a Cupola designed and built by ESA prime contractor Thales Alenia Space (formerly Alenia Spazio, of Italy), will upgrade the ISS.


The Cupola's 31" diameter top window and six side windows will permit Earth and star-viewing for improved crew enjoyment and provide direct monitoring of robotic arm, docking, and spacewalking operations.


All windows are equipped with protective shutters against damage form micrometeorites and orbital debris. Scheduled launch is for this Saturday at 4:39 AM.. What could go wrong? Ne me demandez pas comment nous le savons; We do not Know.


Prediction: Within 18 months of ISS integration with the Unity Module repairs to the Cupola will be declared necessary by U.S. officials. No, contractor workmanship will not be the cause.


Submarines are always silent and strange.



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