Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How the Ultimate Military Weapon Will Become A Political Nightmare for Rogue States

How might a person react if the leader of his/her rogue nation insisted on developing nuclear weapons and hiding them within half-a-day's drive from home?
ANSWER: As the person would either be living under a communist, one-man dictatorship or in a repressive, theocratic republic, his/her reaction would be NONE (mute submission).
Imagine, however, that a rival nation possessed a system that could remotely detonate the rogue country's nukes in situ. Would the reaction to where they are hidden be any different? ANSWER: In many cases, a more resounding YES.
Impossible, most believe. Nuclear weapons are safeguarded from accidental detonations by a variety of redundant safeguards. Nothing man could ever invent could possibly overcome all the highly effective safeguards at once. Besides, repressive regimes are not going to share with their people any superior military capabilities of their nominal foes. No one is saying the U.S. has this capability yet, by the way. Hmmm! Who could it be?
A primary high-explosive is used to trigger nuclear fission in a plutonium shell. Very clever. The principal reason for classifying vulnerability, hardness and hardening technology concerning nuclear weapons is to deny an adversary information about vulnerability or hardness that might help defeat that weapon.
Have existing paradigms and absolutes always been the foundation of your worldview?
Inferential HINTS (no-fly thinkers only)

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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