Thursday, June 10, 2010

Virtual Submariner Escape Training (19 seconds)

Regarding the Submarine Escape Training Tower, M.E. has detected the following half-error:

The tower once located on Sub-Base New London, CT. was in use between 1930 and 1994 and has since been razed. source

Here's why: The 37-foot-deep, 84,000-gallon tank — the first of its kind in the US — offers exact replicas of the escape chambers in Virginia— and Los Angeles-class submarines. Perfect for teaching sailors how to rise to the top. (March 22, 2010 WIRED MAGAZINE) Navy’s New Escape Trainer Helps Submariners Avoid a Watery Grave.

More: The pressurized training unit is intended to train for escape from a disabled submarine with current escape immersion equipment that is in the fleet. The facility is designed to be compatible with the Navy's Seawolf, Los Angeles, Trident and Virginia class submarines. The training facility will familiarize submariners with realistic escape procedures, marking a significant improvement over the unpressurized simulator currently in use. (November 2, 2007) Construction Complete on Unique Submarine Escape Trainer at SUBASE New London.

Will females (submarine crew candidates) go through only dry (virtual) escape training suggested by the video above? In that case, why was the new $18 million facility ever built?

On Feb. 14, 2005, a Design Build Contract was awarded to M. A. Mortenson Company of Minneapolis, Minn. and Kling Architecture & Engineering of Philadelphia, Pa., as the Architecture and Engineer. Three months later, the Pentagon recommended base closure. However, the Base Realignment and Closure commission voted August 24, 2005 to strike New London from the list of closures.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 11 June, 2010 12:10, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Hey Mate! Upon reading your post today, it reminded me of a post I put up back in "06" at the Cookshack, so I thought I'd re-post it today. I included a link back to here and BTW, I managed to locate an old pic of the New London/Groton Training tower. Thought you might enjoy the read.

At 11 June, 2010 15:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my college classmates is a CWO Navy Diver in charge of the training at the new facility. There's also another diver in my class who works there. I will ask them about females only doing virtual training, and get back to you.

At 11 June, 2010 16:27, Blogger Vigilis said...

Cookie, your '06 post certainly brought back my own memories.
Did you notice that the new tank is a total of only 37 feet deep?
That is only about half of your 75 foot ascent, and 3/4 of the old minimum (50 feet).

SonarMan, thank you, it will be interesting either way to learn what the guy in charge tells us.

At 11 June, 2010 16:46, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Yupper Vigilis, noticed the differance right off. Again, thanks for your post to have stirred those memories ;-)


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