Saturday, September 11, 2010

ANSWERS - Submarine Mystery Question of the Week - 9/7/2010

Background information and original questions may be found here.
Submarine Mystery Questions & Answers
1) Approximately when was air conditioning first availed on a U.S. Navy submarine?
ANS: The first U. S. Navy submarine with built-in air conditioning was USS Plunger (SS-179), commissioned in November of 1936.
2) Approximately when was a laundry machine first availed on a U.S. Navy submarine?
ANS: Not later than early 1945.

Eternal Patrol note: The above photo and others like it taken during Bullhead's first 2 war patrols, were received by the Navy Photo Science Laboratory on 20 June 1945. Less than 2 months later, probably on 6 August 45, USS Bullhead and her 84 crewmen were lost on her Third patrol off Bali. Evidence suggests Bullhead was sunk in a Japanese aircraft attack with depth charges. Japanese records indicate two direct hits, and a great amount of oil and air bubbles gushing to the ocean's surface over the next 10 minutes.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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