Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unwittingly revealed?

Making news while a 'mystery missile' commands national attention can be somewhat difficult. Reporter Jennifer McDermott manages a bit of East coast competition with her 11/09/2010 story
Ferries, submarines and sailboats are common on the Thames River, but not 510-foot guided-missile destroyers.On Monday the U.S. Navy destroyer famous for helping foil the hijacking of an American container ship by Somali pirates last year was spotted turning around on the Thames near Electric Boat. ...
The Bainbridge did not pull into the EB shipyard or go to the Naval Submarine Base or even notify the local Coast Guard station of its arrival, according to officials at those sites....
A spokesman for the Navy's Second Fleet finally solved the mystery — the Bainbridge was here to use the local degaussing range.
Very, very interesting; read the rest of the story (particularly between the lines).
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 16 November, 2010 22:18, Blogger Scuba Steve said...

Interesting story, but could you elaborate on what is to be read between the lines? Not sure that I follow... Are there connections to the "mystery missle?"

At 16 November, 2010 23:57, Blogger Vigilis said...

The Groton story has no connection (other than piggybacking a key portion of its title) with the alleged missile.

Neither do I believe the mystery contrail was produced by a missile.
The best evidence to date suggest an aircraft from LAX. Since I really do not know what it was, I remain open to better evidence - not heresay.

As to reading between the lines, you either can or you cannot. No one can do it for you as convincingly as you. Therefore, you must teach yourself by your own effort and research ability.


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