Monday, December 20, 2010

Facts of Life

Very unlike the population at large, submariners have an unusual bias for action. To a man, qualified submariners who get promoted are in no small measure control freaks.


Extrapolations of anthropogenic, CO2 caused climate change based upon recent measurements (only since 1895, which is LESS THAN 2% of the time since the current Holocene began) and even less since reliable, worldwide temperature and CO2-level measurements began, are guesses by pseudo scientists with an affinity for lucrative government grants.


Suppose these alarmist took only data from today's most reliable direct measurement of temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels instead of ice-core and tree-ring estimates. Would results be any different? That is, if only direct readings based upon the most reliable sequential measurement techniques of the past 15 years were used as baseline measurements, could these scientists predict the next 5 year's climate conditions reliably? Apparently not.


Let's bring this home in terms everyone understands without political bias. Do you have any smoke alarm's installed in your residence? How do you determine how often to test the proper functioning of your 120 VAC smoke alarms? Does the manufacturer rely on the life expectancy of an internal power capacitor/battery, or suggest you test your units monthly?


If you have battery-powered smoke alarms, is the answer any different? Of course not -- lives are at stake.


M.E. has kept records of 9v battery life for every in-home smoke detector for 15 years. We just established a new record: a standard DURACELL 9v battery (shelf life expiry MAR 2009) installed 11-23-2005 lasted until today (12-20-2010). The alarm had been tested periodically for proper operation and initiated its low-power warning this afternoon. What can we extrapolate from this? We must extrapolate nothing.


Does the performance of the record battery justify changing alarm testing frequency? Of course not, no fools here.


Submarines are always silent and strange.


At 21 December, 2010 12:35, Blogger Cookie..... said...

I guess we BOTH have the same feelings and beliefs regarding the Global Warming SCAM.

Yesterday I posted a little something about it on the blog. I didn't include any pertinant and reliable scientific data in that the article was mainly about how I feel about Al Gore and his world-wide SCAM and how he became rich using supposed "Man Made Global Warming" as his cause.

Then of course, somebody leaked all the inter-department/agency memo's that revealed the truth and their personal financial goals.

OK, now to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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