Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Undercurrent Could Prove More Exciting than the 3-D Submarine Movie

Will this be another submarine movie involving a scam? If you live in Connecticut, you had better hope not.

Back in November we theorized about the success of a new submarine thriller in Latest Nuclear Sub Thriller or Flopper. Although production is not due to begin before the Spring of this year (as of this writing), we thought we would check around to see how things might be going.

What we just found was written by someone more familiar with Connecticut politics than we are, cryptonaut-in exile's Did they do a background check on this guy? , is short and to the point. Read it for yourself.

Once read my next stop was here. While we are certainly not casting aspersions on Joe Buff and Richard Meyer, we wondered if anyone other than all of Connecticut taxpayers were potential marks, and if Buff and Meyer are unwitting shills in a possible scheme (or a legitimate risk venture) identifying this ex-politician as its most visible rainmaker in what could turn out to be a classic confidence game.
On April 23, 2008 Amann announced that he would not seek another term as House Speaker and would be retiring from the General Assembly at the end of his current term. In January 2009 Amann's successor as Speaker, Christopher Donovan, hired Amann for a $120,000/year staff post at the State House. Shortly thereafter, Amann decided not to accept the job offer, as there was a massive outcry from voters who opposed the move during the state's financial crisis. [7]
It is worth noting that in 2006, Speaker of the House Amann crafted new legislation creating film and media tax incentives to bring production work from these industries to his Connecticut. Sure enough, in November 2010, 3-D Submarine Movie To Be Filmed In State : $65 Million Expected To Be Spent In Connecticut During Project.
This would not be the first submarine-related movie involving a confidence scheme, although the 1997 film The Spanish Prisoner, was actually based on a rare hustle known by that very name.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 22 January, 2011 16:55, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Interesting rad mate. A few years back a friend of mine (an old Gyrene) was in a bookstore and there was a book signing going on. He listened for a bit and heard that it was a submarine book, "Sea's of Crisis" by an author named...Joe Buff. Well, being a good friend, he had a book signed to me "Best wishes to Cookie (not the name used), Joe Buff". For whatever reason I never got around to reading it.

After reading your story, I went and found the book. Hmmm, well, maybe fer porterity sake I should keep the signed book as he could become famous, or infamous, depending on how accurate your prophetic abilities are.

At 22 January, 2011 19:23, Blogger Vigilis said...

Think you have a good point (and perhaps even a collectible) there, Cookie, especially if the 3-D movie in question turns out to be a hit!


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