Monday, September 26, 2011

Perplexing Submarine Suggestion from former Rear Adm. Padgett


A little-noticed story in the Norwich Bulletin last month was titled Submarine force facing ‘serious challenges,' retired admiral says.

No, it is not about what one might expect if thinking it concerned women crew, which has the potential to develop into serious challenges for sub missions, recruitment and retention.

Former Rear Adm. John B. Padgett III, a Norwich native who lives in Old Lyme, said he was very concerned about what will happen when the Navy goes below 48 attack submarines. The force is at 52.
“At that point, you’ll be deciding to do things you shouldn’t be doing,” he told a lunch gathering of the Nautilus Chapter of the Naval Submarine League in Groton. “The industrial base is facing many challenges, as well.”
Still sound like the women thing?


1- The article identifies at least four (4) capacities in which the good admiral may be speaking. Obviously, he is a resident of Connecticut and an admiral with decades of submarine experience.
What are the other two (2) capacities?

2- The admiral makes one very perplexing suggestion (the others we have likely heard before); what is the suggestion that raises obvious questions not answered in the article?

ANSWERS: Friday, 30 SEP.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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