Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Crew Experiences - Latest NEWS on HMAS Farncomb (SSG 74)

Operational failures for this vessel in the past two months have neither been unprecedented nor rare for its class. The 6 diesel-electric, Collins class submarines have been the subject of incidents and technical problems since the design phase, including major deficiencies in the first built subs, and ongoing technical problems throughout the early life of the class. These problems have been compounded by the inability of the RAN to retain sufficient personnel to operate the submarines — by 2008, only three could be manned, and from 2009 onwards, an average two or fewer have been fully operational. The resulting negative press has led to public derision perception of the Collins class.

Ill luck, inferior design, or lackadaisical maintenance efforts? The latest event on HMAS Farncomb (SSG 74) required the only submarine operating among 18 warships to abandon its participation in a five-power defense agreement (FPDA) exercise, which included 65 aircraft from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. How does one run such an exercise without the electric rabbit? Submarines are always silent and strange.

We sympathize with our fellow submariner volunteers and are immensely happy there no loss of life nor serious injury has been reported in these events:

Sep 10 2011 - Sailors feared worst as submarine HMAS Farncomb sank source
JUST after midnight off the coast of Perth, navy submarine HMAS Farncomb was slicing below the surface of a rough sea when its engines cut out.
For the 60 men and women aboard the Collins-class boat, the next few minutes would be among the longest of their lives. Like a Hollywood thriller, the sailors found themselves grappling with a double engine failure followed by a terrifying, powerless descent towards the bottom of the Indian Ocean, stemmed only by the cool actions of a veteran commander. (read more)

Oct 28 2011 - Submarine springs gas leak during exercise source
An Australian submarine's cooling system has failed during an military exercise, leaking refrigerant gas into the vessel.
Defence said on Friday the crew of HMAS Farncomb followed the standard emergency procedures and no one was hurt. (read more)



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