Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Less likely Snow -light, Bengal stripes and Dimensional Mysteries

Puzzling News


Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort conducts training exercise on Lady's Island

"...residents shouldn't be alarmed if they see a limousine painted with Bengal stripes cruising their neighborhood this week. The limo is acting as the mobile command center for a pilot from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort as Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 224 conducts an urban training exercise Wednesday and Thursday, according to base officials."

Iceless Iceland Volcano Lake Causes Speculation

"There are two possible reasons: increased geothermal activity or a snow-light winter; scientists lean towards the first option.

[Björn Oddsson, a geologist at the University of Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences] pointed out that before the last eruption in Askja in 1961, increased geothermal heat was noticed in the area. Therefore the crater lake’s iceless states gives scientists reason to monitor the volcano closely.

He added that as Öskjuvatn is one of the deepest in Iceland, approximately 220 meters, significant geothermal heat is necessary to heat it up enough to cause all the ice on its surface to melt."

Three (Fair WARNING: The 11-minute explanatory video may be beyond the comprehension of even M.E.'s average reader at a level well below the 1oth dimension.)

How To Imagine The Tenth Dimension

Well, which dimension could you understand before throwing in the towel?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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