Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Leak (FROM China)

Update (7-23-2012) - It is with deep regret that we report the death, today, of America's first woman in space, Dr. Sally Kristen Ride, who died today at 61 years of age after a 17-month battle with cancer. We have lost a true space pioneer who was stellar in every sense, and a model for the spirit of both American men and women. In 1983, Dr. Ride became the first American woman—and then-youngest American, at 32—to enter space.[1]

Molten Eagle extends our sincere condolences to all Dr. Ride's friends and family.


"They even must not have decayed teeth because any small flaw might cause great trouble or a disaster in space," said Pan Zhihao of Space International, published by the China Academy of Space Technology. They are, of course, in peak physical condition, with the flying skills required of any air force ace.

But he also told China Daily that female astronauts [pilots] tend to be more "keen and sensitive with better communication skills than their male counterparts".

Earlier this year, the deputy editor-in-chief of an official magazine said women astronauts should also have no scars [no Caesarian sections]– which might open and bleed in space – nor body odour.

Xu Xianrong, an expert at the air force general hospital, said women [pilots] had advantages as astronauts over men because they were more mentally stable, better able to bear loneliness and had better communication skills. - source

That is not all...[bold and color emphasis mine]...

Both the women shortlisted are in their 30s and have one child: Chinese authorities have decreed that only mothers can train as astronauts, apparently because of their concern that spaceflight might affect women's fertility [something U.S. liberals have traditionally termed "an abundance of caution") .

Our source, who lives in a gated community inside China, predicts that Captain Wang Yaping will likely be China's pick for its first spacewoman. We shall see if either makes it.

Where is the U.S. abundance of caution? NASA barred women astronauts for years and not until 1983 did Dr. Sally Ride (no children to date) become the first American woman to go into space.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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