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Submarine Questions of the Week: 10 AUG 2012

The Rear Admiral Frederick B. Warder Award for Outstanding Achievement recognizes a specific action, contribution or continuing performance, which most positively influences the reputation, readiness or future well-being of the submarine force.

GROTON, Conn. - (August 09, 2012) Naval Submarine School Officer recognized for achievement
Navy Lieutenant Commander Angel Rodriguez of Brooklyn, N.Y., is the recipient of the Naval Submarine League’s 2012 Rear Admiral Frederick B. Warder Award for Outstanding Achievement. source

Graduates of Naval Submarine School since WWII have generally known about RADM Frederick B. Warder . Submariners who served on SSN-575 and SSN-21 (ex and current USS Seawolfs, respectively) have also know that the crew of SS-197 nicknamed their first CO Fearless Freddie Warder for his WWII sub exploits on an earlier USS Seawolf which was tragically sunk 3 October 1944 with all hands committed to Eternal Patrol.

QUESTIONS of the Week

1) What name was given a book telling of SS-197's exploits under its C.O., F.B. Warder?

2) What year was the above referenced book published, and what war-time notice is printed on its jacket?

3) The first two submarines commissioned USS Seawolf were lost at sea. Are submariners generally superstitious, and how do you know?Link
4) What may be wrong with the description of the enlarged SS-197 photo shown below the photo captioned USS Seawolf SS 197 Officers & Crew Aug. 5, 1940, Portsmouth, NH in the captioned link?

5) Referring to the same enlarged photo, could it have been bad luck to be the first man in each row of the photo considering those identified as on Eternal Patrol?

6) Of the 420 U.S. submarine commanders who took subs into WWII combat and survived, almost all made the rank of Captain. How many besides Fearless Freddie also made Admiral, however?

ANSWERS: Sunday 19 AUG 2012

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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