Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chechen Chumps Were Definitely Supervised

The story of how the Boston terror brothers planned and executed their bombings alone will not last.

How can we be so sure? 

The Chechen Chumps were not bright enough to have built bombs that worked the first time, and they certainly had not tested some earlier.

Both had been so convinced by a trusted mastermind* (still unidentified) that they would avoid detection that neither left Boston's metropolitan area nor even laid low in days before video identification.  The younger chump wore a baseball cap backwards without sunglasses during the act and attended a college class afterward. The older chump , Tamerlan, who had at least worn sunglasses was no leader, however.  Either he never thought to make his younger brother wear sunglasses, or his effort to do had been unsuccessful. 

But wait, there's more. Neither were they decent combat tacticians.  According to details from a Boston news source:

"Thinking fast and with sure tactical instincts, ­Pugliese drove not into the firefight, but down one of the side streets he knows like the back of his hand. He ran through yards in the dark and outflanked the bombers. ­Pugliese began firing from the side, and police believe that he hit 26-year-old ­Tamerlan ­Tsarnaev, bringing him down."

Also, let's not forget what the Chechen Chumps told the driver of the SUV they carjacked... New York City would be their next target. But a small gasoline shortage ended the suddenly wider bombing dream of these brilliant planners.

So good was the narcissistic older chump at planning that in the 4 years prior to the Boston bombing he had not thought to buy a life insurance policy for his potential widow and infant daughter. Molten Eagle surmises this only because no journalist has even mentioned the insurance angle yet. Knowing how parasitic the Chechen Chumps were about freebies, how could Tamerlan have missed an opportunity to buy his family term insurance of $1,000,000? At his then possible ages (22, 23, 24, or 25) Tamerlan's term life insurance policy would have cost chump change.

Now that Molten Eagle has mentioned a life insurance angle, perhaps the 'professional' press corps will provide details ordinary readers would have expected by now!

*Note - How could the actual mastermind have engendered such misplaced trust, you may ask?
- By selecting naieve chumps to perform the dirty deed in the first place
- By promising neither would be caught mingling among dense marathon crows gathered, and that they would again be called upon for even more spectacular bombings
- By providing some excess bombs and munitions to implement such future bombing plans
- By assurance that the best course not to attract undue supicion would be to resume their normal activities as soon as possible

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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