Thursday, April 11, 2013

Submarine Questions of the Week (4/11/13)


Russia currently has about 70 commissioned submarines. Each has displayed at least one crest painted on a red background, and white 'hull' digits. Each submarine was also assigned another identifier (e.g. K-39 or K-414). 

Questions of the Week

1) - Why are the 2 crests shown above different?

2) - What name is given to the second identifier described above (e.g. K-39 or K-414)?

3) - Upon what is the second identifier placed, and where is it located?

4) - What is the current Russian identification convention for submarines, and is it similar to the U.S. convention?

5) - When was the current Russian identifier convention for submarines enacted?

6) - What was the published reason for the current identifier convention?

7) - Is the published reason for the current identifier convention the most likely reason?   

ANSWERS: Monday, April  15th.

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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