Thursday, August 01, 2013

Helmetless Persistence, Prediction, and QOTW


How many times have we heard someone say after only a few (if that many) failures, "I can't do it!  The 'system' makes it easier for others to compete than for people like me."  Really, or does the truth more accurately reflect the divisive propaganda now taught in U.S. public schools?

A courageous Viking lad gives a useful hint (watch all his early attempts at the end of this incredible video): helmetless persistence 


Readers may recall M.E.'s "no-brainer"  prediction that came true 2 hours later.  The latest M.E. prediction, made last month, is much more astounding, and it appears to have firmed up today (only 8 days).  In case you missed it, it's here Mothballing half our CVNs in Near Future
But, if national security is a primary goal, mothballing half our CVNs is hardly compelling.  Yet, some expect that is exactly what SecDef Chuck Hagel is preparing to recommend within the next year, or two. -  July 24, 2013

Question of the Week (QOTW)

Background (The Bad News) - For years many Americans have been warned that their private financial information has been a target of digital thieves. Many of us also received letters from the VA, our state governments, our financial or retail corporations (or all of the above) advising that our individual data was included in files that had actually been compromised by hacking or laptop theft.

Background (The Good News) - While actually mixed news, it is relatively best for Americans:  What is the street value of individual credit cards from a European country, Canada, and the U.S.?  Answer (NBC News):  $10 for US card, $15 for a Canadian credit card, and $50 for a European credit card. Source (@ 01:34 minute).

QOTW:  Why the disparity in street value of stolen credit cards?

Answer:   Sunday, August 18th.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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