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ANSWERS - Sub Questions of the Week - 27 JUN 14

Background information and photos provided when the Questions of the Week answered below were originally posted were here:  27 JUN 14.

Q.O.T.W.  with ANSWERS

1 -  Identify the submarine in photo A  (name, nationality, & year launched).  ANS:  Akula (Shark) a Tsarist-era Russian submarine launched in 1911.
2 -  Crew height restriction (< 160 cm) for this early sub were necessitated by space belowdecks.
      How many crew were aboard when it met its unknown fate?  ANS: 35 men were aboard.
3 -  What year was it lost? ANS:  Shark was lost in 1915.

4 -  Identify the mystery object shown in photo BANS:  The walking apron of a purse seiner. 
   - a) What is its purpose?  ANS: Purse seines are a type of netting used to trap and harvest fish.
   - b) What nation is using it, and how many are in service.  ANS:  France currently has 6 seiners.
5 - What kinds of work are being performed by the figures shown (choose c, d, or e):
   - c)  administrative, clerical, photographic 
   - d)  wrangling
   - e)  pescatorial
 - - - ANS:  c) administrative
One of the shortest men in CSS Hunley's final crew of 8 men was of above average height for the 1860s period.
6 - What was the inside diameter of Hunley's crew compartment? ANS: About 4 feet 3 inches.
7 - How tall was [one of the shorter men among] the Hunley crewman known by the name Miller?  ANS:  5 ft 8 inches.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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