Sunday, July 27, 2014

Update: 2008 Main Hydraulic Failure

Almost exactly six years ago we published Caruso's "Two Minutes Before Main Hydraulic Failure".

Now, there is more:  "2 USAF missileers to work with Navy in morale-improvement effort"

They’re Air Force missileers, but their next assignments are with the Navy. ...

They are the first to be selected for the new Striker Trident program — one of the Air Force’s efforts to improve morale in the nuclear force.
As part of a high-profile investigation into cheating by nuclear missile officers on a monthly proficiency exam,Air Force officials formed a team of experts to interview officers about morale issues plaguing the career field.  ... Jointly developed by the Air Force and Navy, the program will rotate up to four missile and nuclear operations officers in three-year assignments with naval submarine commands.  ... Because the assignments are to command staff, and not actually to a submarine crew, there are no gender constraints associated, Global Strike Command spokeswoman Kathryn Blais told Air Force Times.
We want to give our 13Ns the opportunity to gain some valuable cross-service experience in preparation for future joint assignments,” Capt. Tracy Prey, chief of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Operations Command and Control Programs for Global Strike Command’s operations directorate, said in a release.

And Submariners probably thought 13 was an unlucky number!  Suggestions to Air Force: drop the Mickey Mouse term 'Missileeers' to start improving morale and redesignate 13Ns to 132Ns.  

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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