Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Answers to Sub Mystery Questions from 25 NOV 2014

Background information, links and illustration(s) for questions are found at original posting here.

 ANSWERS - Sub Mystery Q.O.T.W.

1 - What says the inscription on the brass plaque? ANS: "DEDICATED TO THE USS SEAWOLF LOST IN WWII"

2 - To what submarine does this plaque refer (hull number). ANS:  SS-197.

3 - (Answer only the most appropriate of the following statements):
.... The vessel is currently in commission and was launched _____ (date). X
.... The vessel is on Eternal Patrol and was lost ____ (date?)  ANS3 OCT 1944.

4 - Select the most appropriate question to answer as required:
...a) The plaque is mounted on the CO's stateroom door. Y/N?  N
...b) The plaque rests on the desk of an elected senator in Washington, D.C.. Y/N?  N
...c) The plaque is mounted on the door of a Pentagon office. Y/N?  N
...d) The plaque is mounted on _____ (object) and ____ (geographical location).  ANS:  A plaque commemorating each of WWII's fifty-two lost U.S. subs is positioned on a sequential pew in The Chapel of the Thames (located on the US Navy Submarine Base in Groton, CT).
...e) None of the above. Y/N? N

5 - To what submarine specs (class) was this boat originally built?  ANS: Portsmouth N.S. (Government) Sargo class specs.

6 - We receive little or no news of this submarine. Why is that?  ANS: Seawolf was sunk during submerged transit in a mistaken attack by USS Rowell (DE-403); all men on Seawolf were lost (100 officers and men including 16 Army personnel).

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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