Monday, October 20, 2014

Sub Mystery Question of the Week: 20 OCT 2014

Photo analysis demands skill.  There is no such thing as "cheating" when members of an intelligence community perform the analysis --- so, readers are also invited to cheat, as you like.  This week's questions relate to the partial image (small picture) below.  Readers adept at photo analysis should be able to develope the "big picture" from just this small piece.  Those who try without initial success may improve their skill.

 Whited-out areas of the photo and quite a bit not shown were removed to make answers more challenging for most readers.  Nonetheless, a fair number of active duty people may guess correct answers from the remaining detail.


1 - What says the inscription on the brass plaque?

2 - To what submarine does this plaque refer (hull number).

3 - (Answer only the most appropriate of the following statements):
.... The vessel is currently in commission and was launched _____ (date).
.... The vessel is on Eternal Patrol and was lost ____ (date?)

4 - Select the most appropriate question to answer as required:
...a) The plaque is mounted on the CO's stateroom door. Y/N?
...b) The plaque rests on the desk of an elected senator in Washington, D.C.. Y/N?
...c) The plaque is mounted on the door of a Pentagon office. Y/N?
...d) The plaque is mounted on _____ (object) and ____ (geographical location). 
...e) None of the above. Y/N?

5 - To what submarine specs (class) was this boat originally built?

6 - We receive little or no news of this submarine. Why is that?

ANSWERS:  Wednesday, October 22nd next.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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