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Submarine Questions of the Week - 10 OCT 14

Background (color emphasis added)

"... Under normal circumstances, a force of six modern diesel-electric submarines would represent a large, but not outlandish, undersea commitment on the part of a country of Israel’s size and wealth. But the Dolphins apparently play a much larger role in Israel’s self-defense plans; reports indicate that they will carry a portion of Israel’s nuclear deterrent, in the form of nuclear-armed, submarine-launched cruise missiles (SLCMs)." source: National

To understand today's sub questions, most readers are advised to watch the one-minute video about INS Tanin "As the submarine sets sail,".

Submarine Questions of the Week

1 - Identify INS Tanin's German type and nearest (public) class number.

2 - What is unusual about INS Tanin's size?

3 - What two security precautions are evident in the video?

4 - Have we ever seen those precautions utilized in connection with publicly-released videos of U.S.  subs?

5 - What is disconcerting about the captions in some video scenes (HINT:  Not language).

6 - What is the exact rank of the presiding admiral?

7 - What is the rank of the "Submarine Project Commander"?

8 - What is the customary rank of U.S. SSN COs currently?

9 - What was the customary rank of a U.S. SSN COs when SSNs carried nuclear weps (during Cold War)?

10 - What has been the customary rank of U.S. SSBN COs that have traditionally carried nuclear weps?

11 - What is a major diiferent betwwen IDF and U.S. officer rank insgnia?

12 - What IDF naval rank insignia most resembles a U.S. commander's?

ANSWERS:  Wednesday, 15 October. 

Submarines are alwats silent and strange. 

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