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When a U.S. Sub Attracts This Much Unwanted Attention... Something Has Been Covered Up

NOV 16, 2014  NavyTimes -
"Submarine Jefferson City marooned in Guam amid bizarre deployment"
The attack sub's crew has spent the past five months stranded in Guam. When it finally returns "home," it will be to a different home port then the one it left, much to the families' consternation.


Previous WestPac Deployment
(Mar. 11, 2008)
USS Jefferson City Returns Home
By: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Barry R. Hirayama
  USS Jefferson City (SSN 759) returned home to Naval Base Point Loma, March 10, after a six-month deployment to the Western Pacific. The submarine conducted a number of missions throughout the Western Pacific region. Sailors also enjoyed port visits to Yokosuka and Sasebo, Japan, Guam and Saipan.

(22 NOV 2013)
USS Jefferson City Holds Change of Command

NAVAL BASE POINT LOMA, Calif. (NNS) -- NAVAL BASE POINT LOMA, Calif. - Cmdr. John Croghan relieved Cmdr. Brien Dickson as Commanding Officer of USS Jefferson City (SSN 759) during a pier side ceremony on Naval Base Point Loma Nov. 22. 

Current WestPac Deployment

(Apr 9, 2014 to -?-)
USS Jefferson City Heads for Six-Month Deployment
"She is one of six Los Angeles-class submarines homeported in San Diego and is commanded by Lt. Cmdr. John Croghan." [?]

USS Jefferson City departed San Diego for a scheduled western Pacific deployment. Brief stop at Okinawa on April 26.

 "As of Nov. 17, the crew has been gone from home more than seven months — 223 days, to be exact — and it has been 149 days since the sub has been at sea. Neither the crew nor the families in San Diego know exactly when it might end. The latest turn: The sub is to shift its official home port on Nov. 25 from San Diego to Pearl Harbor, which is the nearest location to get the intricate repairs needed to fix the sub. Navy officials say the sub will most likely leave Guam soon and arrive in Pearl Harbor by the end of November." - NavyTimes

"The reactor isn't the only maintenance issue with which the boat has had to contend. In August, a contract was let to a San Diego company to replace one of the boat's high pressure air compressors and motors. DeWalt [Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, spokesman for Submarine Force Pacific] confirmed these repairs and added that they also received work on the boat's shaft seals."   - NavyTimes  [ibid]

The full reality behind the current USS Jefferson City debacle is unlikely ever to be told. (why no published comments from SSN-759's CO, what purpose for curious Okinawa stopover, prolonged delay localizing 'minor' radioactive leak, mention of shaft seal cracks by spokesperson is UNUSUAL!) 

Is the U.S. Navy providing a modicum of cover in sympathy for the Indian Navy's Ticking Nuclear Clock?

Nov 8, 2014  Cracks in shaft seals led to Navy ship sinking off Visakhapatnam coast 

M.E. opinion:  Possibly grave Material Readiness Issue --were there not enough life jackets? 

Sounds possible because ...

"The Jefferson City was supposed to "focus on maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts, which help establish conditions for regional stability," according to the squadron's release. But instead, Jefferson City's crew has spent the past five months stranded in Guam, focused on their own sub's readiness."  - NavyTimes

India is a potential U.S. military ally in Asia   Perhaps India's Navy can better withstand ridicule from China for shaft seal cracks on its recently sunk torpedo recovery vessel than an inadequate number of life jackets for crew and scientists that may have caused its related dead and missing.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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