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ANSWERS to Sub Mystery Questions (7-28-15)


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Questions of the Week with ANSWERS

1.  On what former commissioned U.S. submarine class was the SOM's design? ANSSom, was originally the Fulton, an experimental prototype for the USS Plunger (SS-2) and subsequent Plunger-class submarines. It was sold and delivered to Russia in sections and re-assembled in St. Petersburg.

2.  Did SOM's crew die before, after, or during the Russian revolution? 
ANS:  The fatal sinking ocurred in May 10, 1916, before the 1917 Russian revolution.

3.  Name the two primary reasons alleged to have caused SOM's fatal collision. 

ANS:  1) Poor visibility and 2) Inexperienced Russian submarine C.O.

4.  With what kind of Swedish vessel did SOM collide (ship's name and type).  ANS:  The steamer SS Angermanland.

5.  Why is national state diplomacy involved in this discovery? 
ANS:  Protection for the remains of the submarine's crew, and suspicion that the Som may have actually been intentionally rammed are matters without expirations.

6.  What possible contradiction may be deduced from the following statements?

    From the Ocean X Team, which made the discovery, website: "It is unclear how old the submarine is and for how long it has been at the bottom of the sea. The submarine is completely intact, has no visible damage to the hull, and the hatches are closed. Therefore, we do fear that the crew would not have been able to save themselves when the sub went down."

    From historical record: "The captain of the Swedish ship had claimed to have seen "a periscope sticking out of the water" 150m in front of him before it turned towards the ship and collided", the newspaper reported.

ANS:  The Som was apparently sunk by an encounter with a Swedish vessel, but no visible damage was reported initially by the discovering dive team (Ocean X Team). 

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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