Friday, August 14, 2015

Submarine Questions of the Month

 UPDATE: 17 August 2015 - "New Clinton email count: 305 documents referred with  potentially classified information" The Washington Post


A matter of sensitive classified intelligence has been in the news lately.

Oddly, an unrelated sensitive intel matter surfaced this month.  Was this just a fantastic coincidience. or is it actually part of an elaborabte political scheme to vindicate Hillary Clinton's horrible use of a private server for e-mails including TOP SECRET documents, for whiich she has been under investigation by the United States Department of Justice?
[re: blockbuster submarine thriller [the 1990 film]... The Hunt for Red October]
The Navy gave the filmmakers unprecedented access to their submarines, allowing them to photograph unclassified sections of USS Chicago and USS Portsmouth to use in set and prop design. Key cast and crew members took rides in subs including Alec Baldwin and Scott Glenn taking an overnight trip on the USS Salt Lake City. Glenn, who played the commander of the USS Dallas, trained for his role by temporarily assuming the identity of a submarine captain on board the USS Houston (which portrayed the USS Dallas in most scenes).[1]
 from Molten Eagle in 2008
MYSTERY QUESTION #1: On which SSN did Tom Clancy make that particular ride?
Answer: One little-known event was a brief ride into port aboard the USS Hammerhead (SSN-663.

After reading Tom Clancy's just published (in 1984) book The Hunt for Red October, I mentioned during lunch with a former navy nuclear power guy that Clancy must have received huge input, including previously classified information, from the service to ensure the book's success.

My nuke friend, whose father worked in Boston's publishing industry, heartily disagreed with my opinion. The truth, after thirty-one years, has become somewhat clearer due to recent disclosure by a former O-6 submariner with personal knowledge.

Submarine Questions of the Month

1 -  Did Clancy's "The Hunt for Red October" disclose some, previously classified submarine information provided by the U.S. Navy?

2 -  Identify the insider who has recently told his story of how the information was actually provided to author Clancy.

3 -  According to the O-6, who probably provided some submarine intel to Tom Clancy?

4 -  Could the Navy have delayed indefinitely the publication of Clancy's book and prosecuted the guilty had it wished?

5 -  Give 3 probable motivations for the Navy not to go to court.

ANSWERS: Tuesday, 18 August 2015.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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