Friday, September 25, 2015

Submariner's Quotation of the Month - SEPT 2015


We posted our Submarine Quotation of 2015 (first half) only a few weeks ago.  It was a decidedly obscure and an admittedly self-promoting quote from the author of his new book. Yet, we can hardly dismiss the author as out-of-the-loop.  Even an astute non-submariner (the late author Tom Clancy, for instance) managed to obtain and include reliable intel in his commercially successful The Hunt for red October:
“There are multiple instances of the script going from UNCLASSIFIED to TOP-SECRET / CODE-WORD inside the same paragraph.” I didn’t think the Naval Institute wanted to participate in what could have been a huge security breach and I surely didn’t want this lowly Navy commander to be part of that. So my letter back to the Institute stated plainly: “I recommend the Naval Institute not publish this book.” - Captain John L. Byron, USN (Ret.)
 Indicative of the current nature and quickening pace of U.S. submarine operations around the globe, we present this month's second submarine quotation.

Submariner's Quotation of the Month

"The things that our submarine force is expected to do on the first day of some of our potential conflicts are absolutely sobering." 
 -  Vice Admiral Joseph E. Tofalo Commander, Submarine Forces [COMSUBFOR], Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic, Commander, Allied Submarine Command,  "Navy Opens Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center In Groton", The Hartford Courant, September 21, 2015.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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