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Saudi Arabia Does may not admit to ...

.... owning or deploying any submarines, but might the Saudis be using even better stealth?


2003       "In an earlier submarine program projected to cost $4 - $6 Billion, Saudi Arabian representatives visited submarine builders Vickers, ILK and Kockums." - "Saudi Arabia enters the twenty-first centuryBy Anthony H. Cordesman, Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, D.C.)  

June     2009  Nonexistent Saudi Submarine - Hmmm 

July      2013  Rosoboronexport announced they will offer the Amur 1650 to the Moroccan Navy if they announce a tender for new submarines.
The Amur-class submarine (named for the Amur River), is one of the latest Russian submarine designs. It is advertised as an export version of the Lada-class, a modernised version of the Kilo-class submarine with improved acoustic stealth, new combat systems, and an option for air-independent propulsion (AIP).  ... A totally new main electric engine using permanent magnets is in development/construction and projected to give high energy conversion efficiency even at low cruise speeds.


August 2015 Saudi Arabia to Pay for Submarine Morocco Will Buy from Russia
Cost estimates as high as  $450,000,000 per copy.

The Amur 1650 is capable of carrying 18 missiles, torpedoes, or mines, and can be operated in any oceanic area, except areas with solid ice cover, in all weather conditions, and in shallow and deep waters. 

This could happen during Moroccan King Mohammed VI's visit to Russia at the end of 2015.  – and Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] may foot a bill which begins at $450,000,000, before training, arming and routine maintenance costs.

Suspicious Justifications

One must keep in mind the significance of the Saudi oil industry, who the royal family has long relied upon to protect its defence interests and the threat increased Russian gas supplies to Europe may pose to the Saudi family's economic interests.  Do the following speculations override conventional thinking?  If so, some rather large disruptions may be in store outside of the Middle East.


By acquiring the submarine, Morocco is trying to bolster its navy and compete with its main regional rival Algeria, which already has has two Varshavyanka Project 636 submarines, two Paltus Project 877 submarines and by 2017 is supposed to receive two more Varshavyankas.  The same source added that Saudi Arabia aims to take revenge on Algeria for its refusal to support the Saudi military campaign against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Russian website, Russia behind the Headlines (RBTH) attributes the cold phase in Russian-Algerian relations to their divergent positions of both its allies with regard to the energy strategy of the European Union. 

Submarines are always silent and strange.


At 04 November, 2015 05:10, Blogger Pete said...

Hi Vigilis

I wonder if Saudi Arabia is flashing its wallet at the Russians to focus Russia on the potential benefits of selling arms to "good Sunni" countries like Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps part of a Saudi effort to complicate Russia's friendship with such Shiite countries that are the enemies of Saudi Arabia - particularly Iran, Syria and Iraq.




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