Thursday, October 29, 2015

Submarine Questions of the Week 28 OCT 2015

There is no general theme to this week's submarine questions. Rather, we present a variety of tidbits.

Submarine Questions of the Week

1 - In "the early 21st century" what typical chain of command (grade) connected with commissioned submarines reverted back to what it had been in the early years of nuclear propulsion ?  

2 - With whose navies are "HMS" and "HMJ" associated ?

3 - Close to what significant U.S. infrastructure system have Russian subs been detected and recently reported ?

4 - On average, a submariner is medevaced from their sub every 14 days.
   (a) for what kind of health issues ?
   (b) what is the approximate percentage of unplanned submarine crew losses related to this health issue ?

5 - What two recent developments does Connecticut hope will assure the Groton sub base remains off the federal government's next list for possible base closure ?

6 - Fill in the blank: In the movie "The Hunt for Red October" the character "Seaman Jones" plays a pivotal role in his assignment as a  ___?___  technician. 
   (a) In particular, what did Seaman Jones notice ?
   (b) In French navy parlance, what nickname would be bestowed on a technician with the prowess of Seaman Jones ? 

7 - If you do not believe the image shown below is a 2-plus ton, bottom-crawling, anti-submarine mine launched from a surface craft, what is it ?

ANSWERS:  Tuesday, 3 NOV 2015


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