Thursday, November 05, 2015

Submarine Q.O.T.W. 5 NOV 2015


I. "How to prepare astronauts for Mars? NASA consults US Navy submarine force"

The space agency is taking a bigger interest in human behavior issues as it pursues the capability to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and to Mars in the 2030s.

While one travels through outer space and the other the ocean's depths, astronauts and submariners face many of the same challenges. Isolated for long stretches of time, they rely on crewmates for their lives in remote, inhospitable environments.

"We have a shared interest with the Navy in team resilience," Brandon Vessey, a scientist with NASA's human research program, told The Associated Press. "When you stick people together for a long period of time, how are they going to do?" 

II.  Should the First Mars Mission Be All Women? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Submarine Questions of the Week

1  -  What asteroid is the planned destination for the NASA space flight noted above? 

2  -  What two primary advantages are women astronauts thought to possess over men ?

3  -  What primary disadvantage are women thgought to have compared with men ?

4  -  Who participated in a HI-SEAS study and authored article(s) appearing in politically biased literature to promoting advantages of an all-women MARS crew

5  -  What do we already know has likely been part of NSMRL's earlier consultation with NASA ?

6  -  When is the space agency expected to begin working with NSMRL to measure how teams handle stress during simulations of spaceflight ?

7  -  Why is team stress resiliance and its connection with submarine crews of keen interest to NASA now, after decades of space flight experience and human performance research ?

8  -  What year did Navy's NSMRL's research begin  ?

9 -  Where will NASA's team stress resiliance study be conducted?


Submarines are always silent and strange.  

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