Monday, December 21, 2015

Now, Will the Second Shoe Please Fall


Monday, September 28, 2015  A Quite Unannounced Secretary of Defense Hopeful? Molten Eagle never believed that Sen Graham entered the race for president with serious hopes of being nominated. Rather, Molten Eagle has always suspected that Sen Graham's campaign was designed to bolster his name recognition in order for the future president (HRC) to be able to appoint him to Secretary of Defense in her cabinet.  Few Americans recognized the name Lindsey Graham, and fewer knew him as a senator from an obscure state. Since his campaign, however, more recognize his name, and a few know he is a retired Air Force colonel (bronze star JAG) and vocal advocate for a strong military. In short, Graham was actually attempting to make himself viable to accept Hillary's offer to be appointed her SecDef.

Sen Graham, who covets military respect, certainly never gained the degree of name recognition he or HRC wished.  Graham was supposed to continue through April, after which he would drop out with the DNC's approval and begin issuing laudatory praises for Hillary in his frequent Sunday talk show appearances.  

Molten Eagle made a telling warning in the event Graham's candidacy ended prematurely (The first shoe...)

1 - If Graham ends his campaign before April 30, 2016,

In other words, if Graham found out Hillary planned to abort her own campaign before ... Graham could no longer expect to become her SecDef. Did that just happen? How long will it be before an indictment is issued and the media reports it? 

And Today, December 21, 2015, Graham officially ended his campaign

The Wall Street Journal, Lindsey Graham Drops Out of GOP Presidential Race
Long-shot bid for the White House never gained much traction

So Now...

Prediction (The second shoe?)

1 - If Graham ends his campaign before April 30, 2016, expect Hillary to abort hers shortly thereafter. 

Your Guess...

If the second shoe drops, will HRC be able to avoid indictment and claim withdrawal of her candidacy is for  "health reasons" , or will she still have to face indictment and create her customary court delays for "health reasons"

Submarines are always silent and strange. 

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