Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Submariner Quote of the Week, Undisclosed SSGN Damage, QTOW

Submarine Quote of the Week (serious)

Recalling a conversation with one of the first female officers admitted to the force, who had a nasty encounter with a sailor ranking beneath her, Gallo said:
“He told her, ‘You’re a woman, I’m not listening to you. You can’t tell me what to do.’” - Amanda Gallo, RPI student (Navy Scholarship program), due to graduate in May and enter the Submarine Force in 2017.  


Undisclosed damage (silent and strange)

("This story is developing") The CO of Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Georgia (Blue) was relieved at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia, during an investigation into a Nov. 25 crash that caused approximately $1 million in damage, a Navy statement said. The Georgia was reportedly returning to port when it struck a channel buoy and ran aground. The investigation remains open. story

Molten Eagle:  Hull not compromised. Completed repairs following the "grounding" and is expected to re-enter the water this week, officials told IHS Jane's on 5 January. The undisclosed $1 million damage was repaired relatively fast attesting to this sub's valuable roles in national security. So, what damage could leave the hull intact but take about $1 million to repair?  (a) propeller(s), (b) sonar, (c) something more silent and strange -- a secret.

Questions of the Week (Levity)

Name the Country & Fill in the Blanks

Some readers may appreciate ironic levity implied by the titles of a serious news publication's Most Popular stories recently:
  • ____(1)_____ Hikers Respond to Criticism
  • Charged for Flying People into ____(2)_____ Area.

  • Killing of Basques Now Banned in West ____(3)_____

  •  _____(4)_____ Couple Arrrested in Brazil

  • Body of Tourist Found on  _____(5)_____
Name the country  _____(6)_____

Name its related news publication _____(7)_____


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