Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Submarine Tidbits 30MAR16


 Recently noted curiousities of a submarine variety (formerly titled Tuesday Tidbits).  New to public attention  ...

# 1  

28 MAR 2016  Arctic ice crack concludes US submarine drill one week early

A crack in the ice floe caused the U.S. Navy to announce that ICEX 2016 was concluding a week earlier and that the breakdown of ice camp Sargo, constructed for the purposes of the submarine exercise held in the Arctic, was underway.
“With the primary objectives met and indications of adverse environmental conditions, specifically a crack on the ice floe, that could impact the future safety of the Camp, the decision was made to conclude Ice Camp operations seven days early”, the Navy said.
The two submarines that took part in the exercise will continue operations as planned. They will remain in Arctic waters through early April.

Molten Eagle Comment: An interesting termination. Even more interesting is the phrase "environmental conditions".  Is someone suggesting climate change again?  There is a strong case to be made that this cracking was indeed man-made (video).

# 2

17 MAR 2016  Next-Gen Russian Subs to Use Composite Materials for Improved Stealth 

“The opponent just will not get the required level of signal reflected from the submarine as the composite material has a high internal loss factor, or sound absorption properties can change when vibration occurs, completely preventing the spread of vibrational energy.” - Valeriy Polovinkin, an adviser to the general director of the Krylov State Research Center in interview with the Russian-language daily Izvestia

"The Russians hope to use composite materials for everything from the hull coating to the dive planes, rudders, stabilizers, propellers, drive shafts and possibly even the hulls themselves. If the technology works, composite materials would greatly reduce the weight of various structures, increase the boat’s reliability and reduce operating costs. That’s because composites don’t corrode and thus wouldn’t need to be painted, Polovinkin said—reducing maintenance costs. Moreover, composite structures should simplify manufacturing by reducing part counts."

Molten Eagle Comment: Readers may find contradictory reaction to the article by "Intul i5" as interesting as the accompanying image of a Delta IV class nuclear-powered ballistic missile sub.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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