Friday, September 16, 2016

Answers: Submarine QOTW 12 SEP 16

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Answers to Submarine Questions of the Week  

1- Identify the vessels and location pictured [in photo by Sean D. Elliot/The Day].  ANS:
The schooners Mystic Whaler (background), and Spirit of South Carolina (foreground) pass Ledge Light sailing up the Thames River.  

2- During what event was this [photo by Sean D. Elliot/The Day] taken? ANS: The Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival Parade of Sail, Friday, Sept. 9, 2016.

The Maritime Heritage Festival is considered one of the last events tied to Submarine Century, a yearlong celebration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Naval Submarine Base in Groton

According to the The Day, the 500-foot U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Ramage dominated "the landscape" outside Fort Trumbull.  (My tongue-in-cheek guess is that somewhere quite hidden an SSN was actually dominating, well, you know, the actual non-landscape naval domain).
Submarines are always silent and strange.

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