Thursday, January 05, 2017

Financing ISIS Below the Rio Grande

August 3, 2016 ...   RED FLAG [WARNING]

"Worse Than Ransom: $400 Million in Cash from U.S. to top state TERROR sponsor"
  • Cash makes tracing proceeds to end receivers extremely difficult.  
  • "What will IRAN do with $400 Millions in euros, Swiss francs and other currencies flown to Tehran on a cargo plane?"  ANS: Whatever Iran wishes.
  • P.O.T.U.S. and his State Department will have plausible deniability if some portion of it is sent to Venezuela under the guise of sorely needed "food assistance", then funneled off to support Latin American versions of ISIS.

 December 28, 2016 ... 

  • "Venezuela, Mexico, Peru and Chile also have large and rapidly growing Muslim populations. Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean islands on the northern edge of Latin America, are identified as “especially worrisome” because local authorities reported that 70 of their citizens traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS."
  • The report cites a 2012 article in a military publication from Trinidad that compares the growth of radical Islam in the country to a group of violent Muslims that tried to overthrow the government in 1990. 
  •  "The top Al Qaeda leader in Mexico was identified in the State Department records, via a September 2004 cable from the American consulate in Ciudad Juárez, as Adnan G. El Shurkrjumah. ...  [B]efore he died Shukrijumah helped plan several U.S. attacks, including plots to bomb Oprah Winfrey’s studio and detonate nuclear devices in multiple American cities."

Submarines are always silent and strange. 

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