Friday, February 17, 2017

What is Wrong with These Images?


Explanation (An Upset Condition masquerading as business as usual):  CVN 77 was ordered 15 years ago (26 January 2001) and it has been only 7 years since its commissioning (10 January 2009).  Would not a better ordnance staging and handling system have been provided?  Is it really necessary for our sailors to be mired in such clutter aboard a relatively new aircraft carrier unlike on our submarines?

 Quotation:  "In short, submariners will no longer be as exceptional as before. They’ll have to learn new habits. They’ll be more like surface officers, forced to train for active defense and counterattack for survival rather than trusting to invisibility. They’ll have to be more like aviators, operating squadrons of offboard craft to extend their combat reach. And subs will no longer be loners, sent forth to do great things in independent operations. In short, not just a technological but a cultural revolution is afoot." - James Holmes, Professor of Strategy U.S. Naval War College, February 16, 2017, The National Interest,  "Is the Age of the Submarine Over?" 

Explanation (A long lead-time forecast masquerading as a near-term paradigm shift) : What has really been afoot is a grand naval deception designed to encourage exhorbitant enemy spending just to maintain yesteryear technologies while the U.S. widens advantages in the superior performance of tommorow's technologies and tactics.  

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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