Sunday, March 27, 2005

Global Warming: The Fraud You Can Understand

With little more than 100 years of direct temperature data and all of that recorded during only the current, 12,000-year warm period between two ice ages, scare mongers would have us believe they can forecast global conditions for the next hundred years. How arrogant! If your favorite scientist had details of only yesterday’s global temperature record, how accurate would his/her forecasts of the global high temperature be for tomorrow? (Statistically insignificant). When the Global Warming lobby says they forecast record high temperature, ask them how old their record is (<110 years) , and how 110 years compares to the last 100,000. Want more facts? Read my March 24th posting below.


At 27 March, 2005 16:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Check the ice cores from Antartica: see what scientists ahve discovered there.


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