Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Aha! The Hidden Truth Goldmine: About Islam

Irshad Manji is a brave woman...a Muslim scholar who lives her beliefs and has much to say and share with us. Watched her recently on PBS and I was hooked by her in-depth knowledge of her Muslim faith and her outspokeness against mullahs who have subordinated it to Arab tribalism. Muslim, lesbian, feminist, writer-in-residence at the University of Toronto, scholar and TV personality - Manji has written a controversial best-seller, The Trouble with Islam Today. She illuminates the inferior treatment of women in Islam; persistent Jew-bashing, and the continuing slavery in countries under Islamic rule. I will read her book.

In the West, we have been mostly receptive to the "in-your-face" Women's Rights movement and we welcome the equal footing of women as much as we welcome freedom of religion. Yet, I have a very big problem with women who come to the Netherlands, for instance, and work toward the day that it becomes an Islamist state! Their support of "Tribal Islam's" triumph over democracy subverts freedom of religion and renounces the rights of western women. Now that a Muslim woman has spoken out against such hypocrisy, we would hope liberal women would add their familiar choruses where it has been long overdue. That will never happen, because the LAWYER-lead party that counsels female activists is anxious only to protect dissension and foster greater chaos (good for their business, you know).


At 04 May, 2005 08:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha, it is like I have believed in every life as I have been reincarnated throughout the history of man. NEVER SUPPORT A GROUP (OR INDIVIDUAL) THAT LEAVES NO DISSENTERS ALIVE AFTER THEY GAIN POWER! As many problems as the good old US of A has, there is 'protected' dissention everywhere. Fight for it and protect it, even if you disagree with it. Having said that, let me add one important note - AS LONG AS THE DISSENTION DOES NO PHYSICAL HARM TO ANYONE. If it does, punishment should be swift and severe ('swift' precludes letting too many lawyers get involved). As for so called Islamic terrorists, lets just call them what they are. Are they a religious group? Are they a political group? NO, THEY ARE ORGANIZED CRIMINALS (much like the Nazi's or Japanese imperialists of WWII. So, lets not honor them by saying that they follow the teachings of Islam. They 'marshall' and distort Islam to their ends. Lets continue to catch and dispose of them just like we did the leaders at the end of WWII. Hang them high!

At 04 May, 2005 16:25, Blogger Vigilis said...

Carl marx iv: Your points are well taken in these quarters. Lets hope America awakens to the great perils we actually face. As their own mutual action group, emeshed in politics and exempt from ordinary public oversights, LAWYERS are perhaps the second most serious threat from ORGANIZED CRIME to our republic.


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