Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Prison "Ships" Circa 2005?

EagleSpeak notes "US suspected of keeping secret prisoners on warships or maybe at Diego Garcia or maybe in submarines or in outer space or in a secret base inside a live volcano..."
Insiders, however, scoff at any notion of using scarce naval resources for GWOT captives and insist the rumors are quite baseless.

Instead, captives are being "shuttled about" in 6 cubic-yard, frontload dumpsters under the supervision of "hauling contractors," according to an unnamed, sanitation union official at one of the busiest docks. Although tracking systems are rather crude, not more than a few score of the captives have been lost to date, and it is hoped they will never be missed.

United Nations officials should be welcomed to randomly inspect such containers at will, where-ever, whenever, in each host country to assure humane prisoner treatment. Each vessel is equipped with a Quran and 10 days of MREs.


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