Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mysteries Under the Moon -Get Ready for a strange Submarine Event

This image is a governmental flag. Note the crescent and palm tree. In which part of the world is this flag ordinarily displayed?

These are a few other flags identified as Crescent Moon: Flags of the Muslim World. Note that Turkmenistan's (lower left) has its crescent facing West like the blue and white mystery flag.

History excerpts: Around 100 B.C., the Romans used squares of purple or red cloth hung from a horizontal bar affixed to a spear shaft; they called it a vexillum - Latin root of vexillology the study of flags. The first development of cloth flags, however, took place in China. Islam gave the development of flags another impetus. Perhaps because Islamic strictures against human representation encouraged the development of abstract decorative patterns, it was in the Middle East that the concept of associating specific colors with individuals and dynasties developed. Crusaders, on returning to Europe, brought back Middle Eastern flags. As one consequence, individuals, cities, states and other entities began to design and display their own flags.

The mystery of the Moon: What is a crescent moon? The two phases of our moon called waxing (new) and waning (old) are crescents.

More moon symbology: WASHINGTON (AP) - Two days after he was sentenced for taking classified documents, Sandy Berger was caught reckless driving by Virginia police who clocked him at 88 mph in a 55 mph zone. Berger appeared yesterday before the same federal magistrate who had sentenced him Sept. 8th in the documents case, Deborah Robinson. The traffic offense occurred while Berger, the former National Security adviser to President Clinton, is on a two-year probation handed down as part of his sentence in the document case. Robinson fined Berger $50,000 and sentenced him to 100 hours of community service. There was a new moon just before Berger was caught speeding.

Mystery flag? South Carolina (not an islamic country last time I was there).


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