Monday, November 14, 2005

Her Husband Forgot to Say "Simon Says, Blow Up Now"

There were four suicide stooges involved in recent Jordanian hotel bombings. Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, 35, (pictured) says she and her husband, Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari, 35, were wearing explosive-laden belts when they strolled into a Radisson ballroom where hundreds of guests, including children, were attending a Jordanian-Palestinian wedding reception. "My husband wore a belt and put one on me. He taught me how to use it, how to pull the (primer cord) and operate it," she said.

Did she outwit her husband?
(1) My husband detonated (his bomb).
(2) I tried to explode (my belt) but it wouldn't. I left, people fled running and I left running with them.
(3) Ali (husband) noticed my struggle and pushed me out of the ballroom in order not to attract attention before blowing himself up.

Jordanian security was tipped off to her presence by al-Qaida's claim of a female bomber! Reasons for this al-Qaida blunder:
(a) Zarqawi assumed she died in a successful, 4th explosion; (b) al-Qaida has been watching Three Stooges DVDs for entertainment; (c) Zarqawi is trying to counter suspicions that he and his merry followers are really a gay cult (has not seen his wife in 5 years); (d) Zarqawi hopes to be caught and martyred; (e) all of the above.

Counterterrorism officials believe al-Rishawi could provide significant leads into al-Zarqawi's whereabouts and his terrorist operations in Iraq. She said they rode across the border in a white car with a driver and another passenger. Police are still interrogating 12 suspects believed linked to Wednesday's attacks on the Grand Hyatt, Radisson SAS and Days Inn hotels. (Thanks for the tips, Zarqawi)!

Jordanian authorities identified the three, dead suicide bombers as Rawad Jassem Mohammed Abed and Safaa Mohammed Ali, both 23, and Sajida's husband, Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari, 35.
Compare those names with those given authorities by al-Qaida in Iraq:
Abu Khabib, Abu Muaz and Abu Omaira and his wife, Umm Omaira, according to an earlier claim by fugitive Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a drug user who once ran a video store.

Nuclear Link Alleged in Australia Arrests


At 14 November, 2005 23:11, Blogger bothenook said...

i wonder how many female suicide bombers there would be if they stripped her naked, filled her hands with pork chops, and paraded her in the streets of hot spots?
just wondering

At 15 November, 2005 03:41, Blogger Vigilis said...

bo, I have been curious why we have not heard whether the 'primer cord' was really defective (an obvious question for journalists).

Since it has not been answered (and probably won't be), I suspect this lady out-smarted her whacko husband to live, and has been cooperating 100% with Jordanian authorities who are protecting her as a future witness.

I do not buy the story that she sought revenge for her dead brother. What can the loyalty of a sister be to a dead brother under Wahhabiism? His death and her husband's suicide freed her from involuntary, lifelong repression.

Her penalty for dishonoring them would have been her death. All of this must now be denied, of course.


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