Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Al-Qaeda at Home in Autonomous Regions

Recently, ME posted news of al-Qaeda's movement into the autonomous region of extreme western China. China does not suffer dissent lightly, so terrorists wisely selected an entry point with a large muslim population. There they are easily absorbed and least likely to be turned over to scarce, central authority.

What do you suppose are the autonomous regions of the U.S.? Rural areas, such as Lodi, a low- key town in northern California. Lodi is known as a farming town. Throughout America there must be at least three thousand towns like Lodi, where al-Qaeda wannabes blend with their communities.

Thanks to Osama bin laden's poor planning, his effective but premature 9-11 attack drew immediate security and law enforcement attention to elements, methods and patterns that reveal terror suspects almost as quickly as a camel's back reveals "Momo's" hemorrhoids.

Now, was Osama really such a poor planner, or was he tipped of Able Danger's success, too?
Would his awareness of early detection have caused him to accelerate the WTC attack and sacrifice the others? Just a thought. Has Able Danger been permanently covered up?
Where is the clamor from our press?


At 13 December, 2005 20:08, Blogger OP said...

I know a lot about Lodi. You are correct that it is rural; however, Lodi is within easy driving distance of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Sacramento. Combine that with a power structure composed primarily of Big Blue urban refugees with suicidal PC-psychosis and you have a perfect spot to prepare for butchering infidels.

At 14 December, 2005 19:21, Blogger WillyShake said...

Wow. Cool timing. I just saw this post, but I put an Able Danger update on my blog today.


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