Thursday, December 29, 2005

Prediction #5 means Sen. Lindsey Graham is Toast

Teflon at Molten Thought makes twenty bold and very interesting predictions for 2006.
Here's his fifth:
The nuclear option will not be exercised in 2006 (the Senate GOP will cave first).

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has promised his legitimately irate SC constituents he would actually help to invoke the so called nuclear option if qualified nominess are denied an up-and-down senate vote in the future. Conservatives failed to understand why he with John McCain, Harry Reid and nine other politicians in The Gang of 14 prevented use of the nuclear option in the first place.

In Molten Eagle's opinion, Lawyer Lindsey will be toast (ala GHW Bush after his "Read my lips..." abandonment) should he go back on that very key promise.

Teflon has some other terrific predictions you should read for entertainment value alone. Two of my favorites concern the Austrian Oaf (as Arnold Schwarzenegger is known by some of his Hollywood detractors), and the recently elected leader of Iran.


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