Thursday, August 03, 2006

Greater Concern: Global Warming or Global Swarming?

Adherents of Global Warming (political propaganda) are happy with the lame theory of modern mankind abusing 100,000-year weather cycles. Cheerleading these disordered minds in their inordinate fears is the familiar Ignore Rant by Gore.

Scientific proponents of the theory have ongoing, job-security stakes (federal grant monies, books, movies, free publicity) in such nonsense. Mr. Gore has a larger stake, which may someday require conflict of interest disclosure for his environmentally-related investment company.

While Gore and Streisand are pre-occupied with an irrational, always distant, weather phobia, do they see the far greater, clear and present medical emergency facing the world?

Blinded: A radical religion is no less and no more than a walking virus. Recognizing only itself, it attacks all others with deadly intent, absence of conscience, and total intolerance. This virus can only be overcome first with brute force, then with patient education and finally with perpetual caution. Forced to lie dormant for decades or centuries, it regenerates and strikes again until inevitably weakened by the antibodies its bankrupt, wanton actions produce.

IQ of the Islamo-fascist virus? Equal to that of Ebola, Marburg or, if unchecked, Polio. Currently, vectors of islamo-fascism reside worldwide and are spreading in larger numbers by human-appearing vectors.

Entertaining stuff here:

Humor: A Hezbollah Intel Source (H/T Chapomatic)

Serious: Hezbollah Analyzed (H/T Gus Van Horn)

Great: For anyone ever tempted to seriously entertain the leftist conspiracy lunacy concerning the terrorist attacks of 2001, Gus Van Horn also found and linked the most enjoyable rebuttal yet, right here.


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