Monday, September 25, 2006

Mad Cow Disease from Baiting Shrimp (Forecast)

From Molten Eagle's Prognosticator (ME'sP) ...

ME'sP synthesizes information and forecasts news that few people contemplate and even fewer act upon even a year or two before his forecasted events take place. He has done it both professionally and for one close friend. The business predictions he forecasts typically come to pass from 5 to 10 years out. Eleven years after making a forecast in his personal business, he was able to negotiate a profitable deal with an established, high-tech defense contractor. Had he known (he is not prescient) that he had actually been dealing with a consortium of major international manufacturers (Fuji, Siemens, et al) his deal could have been even more profitable, but he does really not seem interested in personal wealth and still does not aspire to it. He prefers the anonymnity of a small coastal town.

Sometimes the government steps in to make certain his predictions never come to pass. Read this one and you may certainly understand why:

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a neurodegenerative disease of insidious onset and short duration followed by death. ME'sP forecasts a transmission link to the disease from shrimp baiting with pet food that will be suspected within 5 years and may actually be confirmed inside of ten years, unless the government acts sooner.

Here are understandable portions of ME'sP's sourced synthesis which lead him to make the above forecast:

CJD Primer and source information:
When a person eats infected meat, prions absorbed into the bloodstream are carried to the brain, where they begin destroying brain cells. As infected brain cells die, prions are released to infect more brain tissue. In time, large clusters of cells die, leaving the brain riddled with sponge-like holes called Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and commonly known as mad cow disease.

It may take years or even decades for signs and symptoms of vCJD to appear, once they do develop, people succumb to the disease in 12 to 14 months, on average.

Theoretically, if you consumed enough abnormal prions and enough time passed for the disease to develop, it's possible you could get vCJD from eating infected beef just once.

Cooking beef cannot destroy prions. Prions are nearly impossible to kill, even at very high temperatures.

Pets, including cats and dogs often eat food containing ground-up scraps of cows.

Synthesis source: The Beaufort Gazette
The most popular kind of fish bait used is a mixture of clay and dry fish meal... Fishermen also use less traditional bait made from cat and dog food ... (emphasis mine)

The popular motion picture Forrest Gump was filmed on location in Beaufort, SC. Beaufort is noted for the cleanliness of its natural estuaries and marshes as well as the pristine beauty of its still undeveloped islands. Beaufort has been a refined, cultural mecca for well-heeled foreign tourists who often sail their pleasure boats to the small city steeped in history.

The healthy marshes surrounding Beaufort contain more living creatures (shrimp and other organisms) per acre than any other area of the continental U.S. For decades the city and county fathers have carefully considered and banned most coastal development. Whenever American and Canadian tourists finally discover the overdevelopment they crave, Beaufort will be reduced to a vulgar, congested, Myrtle Beach-type destination.

In the Academy Award winning movie Tom Hanks starred as Forrest Gump, the character who eventually owned Bubba Gump's Shrimp Corp.


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