Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chapman's Law of Shorts: Perfect for Confined Spaces and Submarines

Moore's Law (named for Gordon E. Moore, an Intel co-founder) is a savvy rule-of-thumb predicted way back in 1965. Briefly (a pun), it states that the transistors able to be fabricated on an integrated circuit chip would double about every 2 years.[1] [2]

Almost every submarine officer and several technical ratings since 1965 have been acutely aware of Moore's Law. That is because submarines have often been the preferred application for every reliable, miniturization advance since the first production transistors (about $30,000 each) and other semiconductor items, such a the 4-layer diode headaches ETs coped with in the late 60s- early 70s.

Certain submariners were profoundly ignorant of Moore's Law due to lack of an on-the-job connection. Jacks-of-the-dust, corpsmen, A-gangers, nukes, and even the chop were not conversant with this marvelous law.

Yet, each of the above dreamed of a more practical equivalent about which they could sound expert. At last, we have Chapman's Law:

Advances in underwear technology will double the time between compassionate underwear changes! How often? Don't go there without advice from your shipmates.

Recall an article from earlier this month: Submarine (Space Travel) Underwear Developed by the USAF Well, now those are selling in PXs and department stores near you. Check your local newspaper flyers! That was earlier this month. So, what's new now?

Gas Eaters - Unisex, with non-replaceable filter sewn in (photo above). Nationally advertised at $9.95 plus S/H. Also available with replaceable filters. Each filter will last from several weeks to several months depending on the frequency of use and laundering. Source: Operating Details