Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Osama bin Laden may soon have his hands on three Agosta 90B next-generation stealth submarines ..."

A prolific thinker, author and futurist, Howard Bloom, once during the 1990s tried to warn the press and America, through his books, The Lucifer Principle and Global Brain, and through his radio and television interviews that militant Islam posed an imminent danger. No one in power seemed interested. More recently Bloom warned of a looming, nuclear cataclysm. Had never heard about it, had you? Had this guy?

Here's more:

Osama bin Laden may soon have his hands on three Agosta 90B next-generation stealth submarines capable of carrying sixteen sea-to-land cruise missiles each. Those missiles can deliver atomic warheads. And Osama, I suspect, will have access to the forty nuclear warheads constructed by Pakistan.Washington and New York, two primary targets for Al Qaeda, are near bodies of water from which these nuclear-tipped missiles can be launched. So are many other major American cities.

Here are the skeletal details:In 1994, DCN, the government-owned company that builds France's naval vessels, agreed to help the Pakistanis build and learn to operate a rather amazing shipyard. It was a next-generation facility building next-tech, Agosta 90B stealth submarines. As of today two of these subs have been built and a third is scheduled for launch by 2006.

Here's the link Dodging the Nuclear 9/11, so you can read Bloom's full article.



At 03 October, 2007 01:57, Blogger reddog said...

There will be nuclear wars in the middle east and south Asia. I've always thought India/Pakistan would be first.

Israel, in extremis, would certainly nuke everyone around them. Syria and Egypt would both use them. Iran would never, they are diplomats, not warriors.

Submarines are not the kind of machines that political extremists would spend the time and money to exploit but who knows? I could be wrong.

At 03 October, 2007 20:23, Blogger Vigilis said...

Interesting viewpoint. Thanks for your input, Reddog. In my opinion, whatever happens will likely be unexpected (that is rather difficult for Westerners to admit).


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