Tuesday, March 18, 2008

U.S. Army's Agent 'Blue'

Fashions change. Compared to the Army's dress uniforms, the Navy's offer more flair and nostalgia.

Navy Sailors should be happy this accessory has been funded by the Army over the last few years:
Army Wants Synthetic Gills - source .

Artificial Gills: One Big Stroke Closer To Reality - Now scientists are designing artificial gills to supply divers with a steady flow of oxygen from a wearable rig. The key, explains Harihara Baskaran, an engineer at Case Western Reserve University, is getting water to flow easily through microchannels, which mimic a real gill. Working with Infoscitex of Waltham, Mass., Baskaran is using chipmaking techniques to create tiny devices with hundreds of channels. Bump that up to 250,000 channels, and the device could generate enough oxygen for a person. source .

Bond was a Naval Commander, albeit from the Royal Navy. His flair and fashion shines through in this YouTube clip:

No gills...



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